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Late one spring evening on March 25th, 1989 in the Royal Countryside of Ft. Worth Texas. King Ronald and Queen Krystal became the proud parents of a little bundle of joy named Prince Adam J. Casey. Ronald, being a First Responder- Ft. Worth Fire Fighter and Krystal being an accounts receivables coordinator were under the impression that their baby boy affectionately known as “ Prince Adam” would become a commercial airline pilot because of his avid love and fascination with airplanes.

On August 6th, 1999 in the city of Chicago, Ronald Casey Sr. Paternal Grandfather crossed the finish line of this life and transitioned from earthly labor to a peaceful rest.

 It was then, at his grandfather’s celebration of life that Prince Adam knew what his calling was, to be in the funeral service industry. From the young age of 10 years old, Adam began his research and interest in dealing with the dearly departed.

At age 14, Adam was introduced to Adrienne McCullough, owner and director of McCullough Funeral and Cremation Services of Ford Heights Illinois. She took him under her wing and started nurturing and helping cultivate his gift. Adrienne exposed him to many different facets of life as well as business, and helped groom him in to the successful young man that he is today.

Master Casey has had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the most phenomenal men and women within the funeral service industry. He has learned a great deal and has also recieved wisdom and tutelage from Kareshuna Brooks of Brooks Memorial Chapels, Anthony G. Hardman of Reliable Funeral Service,  Belicia P. Hicks of Coleman & Hicks Funeral Home..

In March of 2007, Adam started writing the vision and birthing the idea of {FSOD INC} Funeral Services of Distinction Incorporated. Even though he faced a lot of opposition, Adam  overcame it with the help of GOD and was blessed to officially start serving families by request in 2009.

When learning about the funeral service industry, it was brought to his attention that he did not have to be a licensed funeral director to own a funeral home, He just had to have a licensed person certified by the state in which to run the business, which therefore brought into existence the vast multi-state connections.

Adam attended Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Services & Mortuary Law in Houston Texas and received his Associates of Applied Sciences in Mortuary Science December 15th, 2015. Master Adam J Casey M.M. ESQ is well known and respected Philanthropist & Humanitarian, for his innovative ideas when it comes to celebrating the life that was once lived, and the legacy that was left behind.

 To this day, Master Casey's Home For Funerals & F.S.O.D INC is continuing to make a difference in the community by helping  families celebrate the life and legacy of the dearly departed. Whether it be by traditional services, or natural disasters that if someone needs the services of a well capable and prolific funeral service practitioner, it has been said and proven that you should choose, "The Mortuary Master "- Mistr. Adam J Casey M.M. Esq & Funeral Services Of Distinction Inc , to serve your family in excellence, “For the finest Farewell”.

Our firms has been dedicated to serving area families since we first opened these doors. We respond to our families' wishes to ensure all of their Legacy Farewell  Celebration needs are met

 The Elite Funeral Group, a subsidiary Division of F.S.O.D. Inc has an innovative detail for the Disaster Mortuary Operations .Response Team. In Partnering with the local and statewide government entities, Master Casey's response team is effective in handling all disaster relief efforts.

Financial contributions  made through the payment center are utilized in assisting disaster area sites with  final disposition rites of human remains.

It is only with your help and generous donations that we are able to continue with the disaster relief efforts.

The Elite Funeral Group of  appreciates your assistance in supplying resources, to make America great again.

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Master A. J. Casey M. M. Esq
"Prince Adam"
Disaster Relief Mortuary Officer Philanthropist

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